Prepare your own home design profile

Many customers come to us with a successful note, the concept of the input channel or the general style that they want to capture at home. You will find inspiration for interior design on Pinterest, and the individual design of the house can provide so much freedom. Whether it’s the latest trends, such as a double shower or chef’s kitchen, we need to look at your new home from a practical point of view: what kind of lifestyle he will offer you.

The sun is coming: the energy efficiency of a custom home design.
Since the beginning of the 21st century, most new homes have adopted the federal government system of nomination “National Energy Rating Program” (NatHERS). This is not just an annoying “feeling” – ratings are important for several reasons.

First, the higher your rating, the lower the cost of heating and cooling during the year. Secondly, if you decide to sell, a higher star rating is more attractive to buyers.

The sun will not go anywhere (at least billions of years), so it makes sense to use solar passive design when possible. Even if the cost is now slightly higher, long-term savings can be huge.

The direction of your block (length from north to north and east-west) will determine where you might want to install solar panels, windows or greenhouses. In coastal areas, this can also affect the materials that you choose in your usual home design to resist elements.

Energy efficiency has become another hallmark of high-quality homes, which we use as standards in pre-designed homes.

What is your gender?
When choosing between single-layer, two-layer or even three-layer custom home projects, several factors should be taken into account. First, can you get the approval of the council and the community to comply with the rules and privacy of neighbors? Does the direction of your area mean that a higher family will allow you to see the landscape and cover your garden with a gloomy, constant shadow?

Multi-storey houses are an effective way to maximize space. However, if you are building a house, and you are getting old, a ladder may have problems with age. This can affect the design of your home and determine what is included on the ground floor, master bedroom, suite and kitchen.

You can even consider the possibility of extending the corridor or installing an elevator.

Custom home design can mean great numbers.
This is an obvious starting point for calculating the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms that you need. But is the fourth bedroom really used as a bed? Or can it be re-used as a home office or a reading room?

If you like a special room, we have the opportunity to change the layout with a custom home design or give you more space on the desktop if you do not go into the dressing room or build a bookcase.

We always recommend the development of an adaptable family and grow with you and your family.

Custom budget home design
What is worth thinking about: what is it worth changing? Each change in the standard plan increases the cost. Once you understand the budgets for all areas of the house (including swimming pools, gardens, sidewalk tiles and appliances, etc.), you can define your settings from the basics to the order of the good and stay within the budget.

These are just a few things to consider when you start customizing your home design project. Talk with Canny’s consultants about what lifestyle you want to achieve, and how your home design can help you achieve your dreams.

Our processes include the exclusive step-by-step guides of our latest conceptualists and discussing your intentions. We will discuss your expectations and objectives before conducting an on-site assessment to understand the specifications of your unit. Based on our many years of knowledge, we can very well discuss how our custom home design works on your block.

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