How to Design Your Bathroom

If you are designing from scratch, including layout and installation, make sure that there is a convenient flow in the room. For example, when the door to the bathroom is open, make sure that the first thing you see is relaxation and beauty. For example, a partition, a beautiful bathtub or shower – just not a toilet! If you are lucky enough to enjoy the view from the bathroom window, you can place a bath so you can enjoy it while relaxing. These are things to consider when considering a floor plan, even before you find out where, what and how, or even color or style!

Always remember the importance of storage when developing a layout. My absolute hatred for pets is a dirty surface, especially in the bathroom. Set some stylish shelves next to the cabinet to create a mixture of open and hidden storage. Thus, all the opacity can be hidden, you can display beautiful bottles, soap and even eco-friendly green plants, such as aloe vera or Chinese evergreens. Scandinavians are proud of their store design records, which is correct. Brands, such as String, offer large shelves for a bathroom with a longer design and prematurely. These jobs are excellent in the bathroom, but they can also be used at home. haha


When designing a home for a client, I think that the bathroom is definitely a pearl of design potential. They can be pieces of unexpected color and vitality hidden behind staircases or behind inconspicuous connecting doors. Use colored tiles or paint boldface throughout the process. You can even bring the tone to the ceiling for maximum impact. There are many options for plumbing, such as self-contained baths or traditional water tanks.

Design by Woulfe, Surin Heights
Matching colors is a huge trend in 2018, so try to match the color of the paint or tile that you decided to use with the bathroom or other bathroom furniture. White or neutral tones always show a refined aesthetic, including a simple white outline. For deeper use, use a mixture of deeper or brighter colors from the tonal spectrum. For example, if you use pink, use a blush from coral and ballet shoes. This will create a more rounded appearance, while an exact match of colors will provide a very cool 2D look, which is no different from the theme of Pop Art.

Designed in a small bathroom

We always learn to try to maximize the space in our house. Regardless of the size of the room, dogma is a magnolia. This “space saving” is a myth that spends huge decorative potential, especially at the best time in small spaces. In addition to the main bathroom, a small guest bathroom can be a miniature, sparkling pocket of paradise design instead of the space that they have forgotten in most homes.

Design Woulfe, shower in the lobby

Bold wallpapers and wallpapers. Use patterns, colors and proportions to give your space a real attraction. I like Flemish wallpapers Art. This is a vinyl cover that provides a sense of gobeliness and richness and depth. Another good choice is the wallpaper Holly Freyne x Andrew Martin Emporer Frost. When you cover the wall with a similar pattern, the space becomes more special at once. When you focus your aesthetics on a forgotten room, such as a dressing room or a small bathroom, you give it a new life – breathe fresh air for your family.

For me, the most important thing is not to lose sight of the project potential that your bathroom can offer. Regardless of the size or shape of your bathroom, pay attention to the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Then you can finish yourself in this lovely long bath a few months ago …

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